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Textile types used in Saint Body

The black women's bodysuit (but not only!) can definitely be described as Saint Body's bestselling product. Why do our female customers love this product so much? It is timeless, sensual but also comfortable. It goes with any style: from casual to streetwear to elegant. It's a purchase that pairs perfectly with a capsule wardrobe and never goes out of fashion, which is why it's worth betting on such high quality as Saint Body offers in this regard. We sew our bodysuits from the highest quality materials that give comfort to the skin: cotton, viscose or modal. Each of them has a delicate touch of Lycra to shape the female silhouette in a subtle way, which certainly also contributes to the popularity of our elegant bodysuits and the fact that they are the choice of celebrities.

Organic touch, or the highest quality types of clothing materials

What can you find in our ,,Organic touch" category? This is our collection of basic bodysuit classics with a simple, built-in long-sleeved cut, made from the highest quality organic materials. What materials are we talking about? It's a mix of viscose and lycra, which is a fine natural fibre that adapts nicely to the body thanks to the addition of this elastic. Natural clothing is the key to feeling the utmost comfort on the skin and freedom of movement throughout the day, which is why it is also commonly referred to as a 'second skin'.

Types of fabric - natural fabrics in a nutshell

What materials that we use to make things at Saint Body are called natural fabrics? We are mainly talking about examples of fabrics such as modal, for example. What is this material? Modal is an unusual material because it is considered eco-friendly and almost 90% biodegradable. It is produced from a natural raw material, namely cellulose fibres extracted from beech wood. Modal fibres are often considered a second-generation material, i.e. superior to all its predecessors. It is also worth mentioning that up to 70% less water is used in the production of modal than for other natural fabrics and knits. Viscose is also used in our collections. Classic viscose, also known by its English name rayon, is a first-generation cellulosic fibre, which is a chemical fibre but derived from plants.