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Saint Body - women's body of the highest quality

The Saint Body shop is a Polish clothing brand that designs women's bodysuits and which was created by two women - Kasia and Manuela - for other women. Women who value high quality, comfort and sustainable technological solutions in fashion, but also a feminine, stylish look. The brand offers designs that emphasise the strengths of a woman's figure, while at the same time covering up any imperfections, in the form of body shaping garments. High-quality fabrics used in Saint Body designs gently hug the body, while remaining very comfortable for the skin. They are created in response to the needs of self-conscious and fashion-conscious women looking for original and at the same time proven solutions in fashion. These include the cut-out bodysuit, the sexy cleavage bodysuit, the elegant backless bodysuit, the envelope bodysuit, the turtleneck bodysuit, but also the classic long-sleeved bodysuit, the strapless bodysuit, the short-sleeved bodysuit and the sleeveless bodysuit.

Polish slow fashion brand with elegant black bodysuits

The Saint Body brand was created for all those women who, like its founders, want to take care of their bodies not only through the cosmetics they use or the exercise they do, but also through the clothes they put on them. It is the answer to women who like versatile items to suit a varied lifestyle and different occasions. Saint Body offers high-quality products created in the spirit of sustainable fashion, also known as slow fashion, which will easily fit into any woman's wardrobe and stay there for years. Black women's bodysuits and white women's bodysuits are a must-have for ultra-feminine, casual style. It is worth remembering that they are especially suitable as a women's bodysuit with trousers, which allows you to compose everyday, but at the same time sensual and comfortable styles. Although the lace bodysuit is commonly considered synonymous with sensuality, the Saint Body brand proves that contemporary women's bodysuit designs redefine femininity and sensuality. A bodysuit with a heart neckline, a bodysuit in organic cotton or a longsleeve bodysuit with buttons? We're a yes.

Shop Saint Body: from long-sleeved women's bodysuits to dresses to shirts and trousers

The history of the Saint Body shop began with the design of a versatile women's bodysuit made from high quality material, whose primary task was to provide comfort to the skin, but also to subtly emphasise the assets of a woman's figure. The women's bodysuit has become the flagship product of this Polish brand, becoming a must have. Women's dresses have also joined the bodysuits family: little black dresses, tencel dresses, pencil cut dresses, organic cotton dresses or dresses with an exposed back. Shirts and trousers also find their place in the Saint Body range. All of the Saint Body brand's products come together to form a cohesive, feminine capsule wardrobe.
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