Saint Body's main designs: elegant women's bodysuits

All Saint Body products, which can be found right here, are kept in a feminine and minimalist style. They can easily fit into a woman's wardrobe of different nature - from casual to streetwear to elegant. The slow fashion items, made using sustainable techniques and high-quality materials, will work well for both everyday looks and those for evening or a bigger night out. The brand's main product range is the women's bodysuit, from which it takes its name. The body as a woman's body and the sexy body as part of a wardrobe - one word that reflects the two pillars of the Saint Body brand.

Saint Body, i.e. cotton bodysuits, black bodysuits, long-sleeved bodysuits and more

Saint Body is a brand that has become famous for making comfortable, feminine bodysuits in a variety of cuts and colours. In terms of materials, there are modal bodysuits and cotton bodysuits, always with a small touch of elastane, which allows them to fit perfectly to the body, emphasising the strengths of a woman's figure and covering up any imperfections. The bodysuits are kept in muted colours, which in practice means black bodysuits, white bodysuits, grey bodysuits and nude bodysuits. The bodysuit designs from Saint Body also vary in cut. In the brand's range you will find short-sleeved bodysuits, long-sleeved bodysuits, but also strapless bodysuits. Some models are classic in style and characterised by absolute simplicity, while some are bodysuits with cut-outs, such as bodysuits with a back neckline, or variants suitable if you want to emphasise your cleavage.

Not only women's bodysuits, but also dresses, shirts, trousers and swimwear

In the offer of the Polish brand Saint Body, you will find not only basic bodysuits, a must have for which the brand has become famous, but also other wardrobe items such as dresses, shirts and trousers. All of the aforementioned items come together to form a women's capsule wardrobe, in which each piece is thoughtfully designed and of sufficient quality to successfully remain there for years to come. A little black dress, a dress with cut-outs, a dress with a back neckline, a linen dress, a tight viscose dress, but also things like loose women's trousers or oversize shirts - these are the building blocks of a well-planned women's wardrobe that works well in a variety of circumstances. You will find all of them at Saint Body.