Women's dresses from Saint Body - feminine minimalism

In addition to the feminine bodysuits that the Saint Body brand has become famous for, you will also find fashionable women's dresses in the range of this Polish brand. All the models we design are kept in the feminine, minimalist style characteristic of Saint Body. However, our Polish dresses often feature distinctive details, such as asymmetrical cut-outs, while still remaining simple everyday dresses - perfect for a woman's capsule wardrobe. Thanks to the high-quality materials (cotton dresses, viscose dresses, modal dresses, etc.) from which they are sewn, they fit perfectly to the body, gently skimming it and slimming it. So if you are looking for a perfect and timeless little black dress that will stay in your wardrobe for a long time thanks to its cut and high quality workmanship, you will definitely find it in the Saint Body range.

Open back dresses - Saint Body's flagship styles

What cuts of the most fashionable dresses can you expect to find in the Saint Body range? Above all, we're betting on tight midi dresses, that is, dresses whose length ends behind the knee or mid-calf. Why? Because it's an extremely feminine, figure-slimming cut that looks great on any type of female figure. As well as pencil dresses, which are perfect for everyday wear, the office or for going out, Saint Body also offers short dresses, known as mini dresses. The classic leg-revealing styles go well with oversize jackets and higher-waisted shoes. Our dress collection also includes several looser, airy models of summer dresses for women's skin on those hottest days.

Knitted dresses as a wardrobe base - what colours?

We are committed to ensuring that the dress designs we produce fit easily into women's wardrobes. This is why we focus on elegant women's dresses in a muted colour palette. In the Saint Body range, you will primarily find classic black dresses that are a staple of a woman's wardrobe. A well-chosen little black dress can take on many different looks with the right accessories: casual, evening or even sporty. Beige dresses, also known as nude-coloured dresses, are another type of dress that is easy to style. Among the summer dress models, we opt for white dresses, which combine perfectly with cowgirls and vintage rompers alike. In the Saint Body range you will also find khaki-coloured dresses, yellow dresses and much more. Be sure to follow the regular drops of our new collections.