Saint Body women's skirt

In keeping with the idea of a capsule wardrobe, in which all minimalist, high-quality pieces combine perfectly to create styles for every occasion, at Saint Body we design not only versatile trousers but also women's skirts. What features does the Saint Body minimalist style skirt have? It is made of the highest quality materials (knitted skirt, satin skirt, etc.), has a simple, comfortable cut (skirt with slit, flared skirt, etc.) that does not restrict movement in any way, one of the base colours (black skirt, grey skirt, etc.), and at the same time beautifully and unobtrusively emphasises the feminine silhouette. Saint Body's skirts are designed to work in both casual and festive situations.

Midi, maxi or mini skirt?

In the Saint Body brand's range you will find mini skirts as well as midi skirts or long skirts. Wondering which one to choose and how to match it with your wardrobe? In this case, the well-known principle of fashion contrasts will work. If your wardrobe is dominated by crop tops, short jumpers and cardigans or tight tops, opt for a maxi or midi skirt to balance out the look. If, on the other hand, you opt for oversized tops, a mini skirt is the best choice for you. Saint Body's skirts are tailored to accentuate all types of feminine silhouettes and gently conceal what we sometimes want to hide. So you don't have to choose your skirt according to your figure - every skirt will lie perfectly on you.

Sports skirt vs. elegant women's skirts

Which skirt styles are sporty and which are elegant? And finally, which one to choose for your outfit? At Saint Body, we design women's skirts in such a way that one model combines both functions and changes its character depending on the accessories and the rest of the styling. For example, a trapeze skirt worn with a polo shirt and white sneakers will take on a sporty character. The same skirt paired with a masculine white shirt and stiletto sandals will take on a very elegant, even evening look. The asymmetrical skirt worn with cowboy boots and a t-shirt will look urban and casual. Paired with stilettos and a blazer, it will become elegant. So when looking for the perfect skirt, match your favourite cut to what you already have in your wardrobe.