Capsule wardrobe from Saint Body

At Saint Body, we believe in the power of a capsule wardrobe, which works for all occasions and allows you to compose a great many looks using minimalist, high-quality clothes. The whole concept boils down to stocking a capsule wardrobe with matching classics of clothes and shoes, mixing them together in different ways, and changing their character with accessories. This is how the well-known minimalists, whose wardrobes are never short of basic wardrobe pieces, such as a simple black dress or bodysuit in muted colours, carry themselves. Simple tops - long-sleeved, short-sleeved and strapless - are also worth remembering here. You will find all these items at Saint Body - a Polish brand whose mission is to thoughtfully build women's capsule wardrobe in a sensual yet simple style.

Women's capsule wardrobe - what should it contain?

One can list at least a few things that every well-composed women's capsule wardrobe contains. What do they include? Certainly the classic little black, which is a simple dress in black with a timeless cut. At Saint Body, we suggest the body-hugging midi length ones, which have not been out of fashion for years. Then there are basic tops, t-shirts and bodysuits, a base that can be worn under a blazer, leather or denim jacket, but also solo. Well-tailored jeans are also worth investing in. Our type of jeans are definitely mom jeans, characteristic of 90s fashion, which model the female silhouette beautifully. Another must-have for a capsule wardrobe is a white shirt, preferably oversized.

Capsule wardrobe - styling examples

A capsule wardrobe should allow you to easily create styles for different occasions. An example? Jeans, a white shirt and white sneakers are a casual everyday set. The same things, but with classic nude-coloured stiletto sandals and gold jewellery, will already work for a night out for drinks. The little black dress can be played up in a similar way. Combine it with a leather jacket and white sneakers for a casual look. With a boyfriend jacket in black or grey and heeled sandals, it will look very elegant and even evening. Wearing it with black leather flip-flops and an oversized white shirt will be the perfect outfit for a summer holiday.